Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss


Group hypnosis for successful permanent weight loss.

This therapy is relaxing, enjoyable and you can do it with a group of friends.

Come along every Thursday through June 2014 6pm-7pm for 4 weeks and expect to lose 2lbs a week or more.

I can promise you will leave each session, refreshed, relaxed and in the right frame of mind.

You will address all of your weight issues, you don’t get weighed, prodded or have to speak out, just sit back in comfort and the new you will emerge.

€50 for the course, including a free weight loss hypnosis CD in week 2,

What have you got to lose apart from the obvious.

With Deb McAndrew GQHP

Deb Mcandrew is also available for Private 1 on 1 Hypnotherapy at Sol Yoga Centre.

Email debmcandrew@live.com
Tel: 6225773792

New Dates

New Dates for September

Thursday 18th & 25th September
Thursday 2nd & 9th October

Healing Day for Josie’s Recovery Programme

Healing Day for Josie's Recovery Programme

As many may know, 2 & 1/2 years ago Josie, our niece suffered the most tragic and traumatic experience. Josie’s Mother, Father (my husbands brother), younger Sister (Caisie) & Brother, partner and best friend were in a tragic accident in Jamaica (where they had only just landed on holiday). They had a head on collision with a car which was driving on the wrong side of the road towards them. This caused her mother, father, sister and best friend to be killed almost instantly on impact.

Josie suffered from 2 broken legs, 2 broken arms, a broken eye socket and jaw and severe brain damage to her frontal and temporal lobes. 14 years previously Josie and her Mum where in a car accident where her Mum Kath, went into a coma and came out with brain damage and physically disabled, for this to happen twice in a life time to extreme consequences is unreal. To deal with the emotional and physical consequences, Josie would like, for part of her recovery, to take The Journey Practitioner Program (http://www.thejourney.com/about-us/) which will take her on her own personal journey of healing and at the end she will then be able to become a Journey practitioner & help support others in their own healing.

Last April so many of you came together and helped us raise 725€ towards Caisie’s memorial tree which is planted on ‘The Level’ in Brighton, a favourite place for Caisie and her friends to meet and now somewhere where they can go and connect with her spiritually.

Entonces!!! I’m asking all you kind people to again pull together to book appointments and for volunteer therapists to come forward & volunteer your services.

Appointments will be taken for: Reiki, Massage, Reflexology, Natural Healing, Indian Head Massage and more things to follow.

And Hopefully Josie may be able to join us & help us on the day.

Friday 20th June 10am-4pm

Muchisimo Gracias.

Yoga & Dying

We lost a dear Yoga student 2 days ago, Val was not afraid to go, she knew there was more waiting for her, our deepest condolences go to her family during this sad time for them. Xx


“If I was to die right now would I be unafraid and ready to let go.” 

There’s so much life for me still to live, so much I still want. I’m more afraid of the ones I love dying. But the truth is you never know how long you have in this beautiful life.

I could die tomorrow. I could die tonight. How tragic would it be if I died not living fully & completely.

Life has a fleeting and transient nature, but our minds and spirits operate as if they’ll go on forever. We have a sense of awareness that feels untouchable. The greatest gift my yoga practice has given me is the sense of comfort I’m beginning to feel in this body.

Comfort in knowing the physical body is not my identity that it will change, that it will die one day. Comfort in knowing that, while horrific and tragic things happen in the world every day, and that sadness will come and go in my life, I have this thread of awareness to keep me bound. So much more to life and living and who we are than these bodies and the experiences we have in them. 

I’m not religious, but I’m spiritual. The guidance of my teachers and my yoga practice has given me a safe space to live within my own mind and body. I may have found open hips and a strong core through my asana practice, but my true yoga practice has led me to discover something invaluable.

I’ve established a safe space in which to live fully in each moment, with every ounce of me, each day with passion and purpose .We will all die one day.

We are here on this divine planet for a short time. We don’t have the time to be surrounded by people who drag us down, doing activities that stifle our souls.

We must live now, because you don’t know if you have tomorrow. 

Om Shanti ॐ


Welcome Bienvenidos!

Welcome to SOL Yoga’s new Website/Blog. I am excited to share what is happening at the centre and with my work as a Yoga Teacher and Reiki Therapist.

I looked forward to spreading the yoga love to as many yogis as possible!

Please check back regularly for monthly updates on classes, therapies, workshops, courses and retreats.

Lianne ॐ

“The beauty is that people often come here for the stretch, and leave with a lot more.”

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt within the heart. ~ Helen Keller