‘Holistic Therapy Day for Charity’

Wow What can I say, the Angels certainly showed their presence today.
Many Thanks Again!! To our Karma Yogis who gave up there time and work commitments to volunteer at today’s ‘Holistic Therapy Day for Charity’. And more thanks to all the lovely souls who came along and went away ‘Blissed Out’

You all helped to raise 315€.

Every 2nd Friday of each month. Next date 11th March 9.30am-2pm.

Love & Blessings Maya Xx


January Sale


Through January, half price classes for new students.


21 Benefits of Yoga.

1. Improves your flexibility
2. Builds muscle strength
3. Perfects your posture
4. Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown
5. Protects your spine
6. Improves your bone health
7. Increases your blood flow
8. Drains your lymph’s and boosts immunity
9. Ups your heart rate
10. Drops your blood pressure
11. Regulates your adrenal glands
12. Makes you happier
14. Lowers blood sugar
15. Helps you focus
16. Improves your balance
17. Maintains your nervous system
18. Helps you sleep deeper
19. Boosts your immune system functionality
20. Gives you peace of mind
21. Gives you inner strength

So why not join a class and experience for yourself the Amazing benefits of Yoga.

Angelic Reiki 3 & 4 Master Level Workshop

AR 3&4 manual L Bamford

This 3 day workshop is available to those holding an Angelic Reiki Level 1&2 certificate and who are ready to progress to the next stage, either for personal development or to teach Angelic Reiki.

This workshop is taught over three full days and is a powerful experience which lays the ground for the incoming Galactic Energy of Ascension. It awakens the Divine within and participants receive a wave of love emanating from the Heart of the Galaxy. It places students in their own spiritual power and knowledge of themselves as the Ascended Masters they truly are.

This workshop gifts participants with:

Revisiting healing techniques taught in the level 1&2 workshop
Opportunities to share healing experiences
Healing through eye contact as used in Atlantis
Healing with Soul Group energies
Healing with energies of the Divine Presence and Divine Blessing
13 symbols which are a gateway to multidimensional healing, activated to Angelic level through the 7 levels of form and Divine form by Archangel Metatron
Full attunement to Angelic Reiki 3rd and 4th Degree levels
Gifts of higher knowledge given by the Sarim, the Princes of the Angelic Kingdom
Healing practice sessions
Advice on how to teach Angelic Reiki workshops and to facilitate Angelic Reiki attunements
A comprehensive Master Teacher manual
Certificate of training achievement to 3rd and 4th Degree Angelic Reiki
As Angelic Reiki teachers, participants can be assured that the Angels will be present at every workshop they teach. They can be confident that they will be supported by Angels whenever they facilitate attunements.

A special part of teaching this system to others involves participation in healing practice sessions. It is through these sessions that many questions are asked and answered and the techniques themselves are given and explained.

Investment: 400€ which includes Manual, Certificate & Refreshments

22nd, 23rd & 24th April 10am-5pm

20th, 21st & 22nd May 10am-5pm

Accommodation and full board available to those travelling to the venue either from within Spain or from Europe. Please enquire for prices.

Angelic Reiki 1 & 2 Practitioner Level

AR 1&2 manual L Bamford

“The Angelic Kingdom is your guide to being the channels, the tools of the hand of the Divine. Part of this knowledge which we will give to you is that system which is now known as Angelic Reiki.”

Archangel Metatron through Kevin Core

This 2 1/2 day workshop imparts the unique system of healing that is Angelic Reiki.

Students are attuned to 1st and 2nd Degree Angelic Reiki and a number of treatment methods are taught. The student gains ‘hands on’ experience in the healing methodology and learns how to attune healing tools.

The attunements – which connect students with Healing Angels who will then work with each individual on a permanent basis – incorporate Reiki symbols attuned through the Angelic vibration. These symbols were given to humanity by St Germain at the time of Atlantis.

This workshop gifts you with:
•A complete karma cutting and Angelic clearing prior to each attunement
•Full attunement to Angelic Reiki 1st and 2nd Degree levels
•The 7 symbols given are activated to Angelic level through the 7 levels of form and Divine form by Archangel Metatron
•An attunement to the Angelic Kingdom of Light at the 11th dimension through Archangel Metatron
•Hands on healing experience of channelling Angelic healing energy, third eye healing, healing with Ascended Masters and Galactic Healers and Multidimensional and Past Life healing.
•Guidance re self healing, absent/distance healing, treating pregnant women, children and animals
•Advice on healing treatment practicalities
•Techniques to attune healing tools
•A Master Crystal to hold the Angelic Codes of Healing
•A comprehensive practitioners manual
•Certificate of training achievement to 1st and 2nd Degree Angelic Reiki

As a healer working with Angels in this way, you offer a wonderful service to yourself, humanity and the planet.

Information taken from:

Investment: 230€ which includes Manual, Certificate, Master Crystal & Refreshments

22nd   January 6-9pm, 23rd & 24th 10am-5pm

8th April 6-9pm, 9th & 10th 10am-5pm

Accommodation and full board available to those travelling to the venue either from within Spain or from Europe. Please enquire for prices.

First Steps to Mediumship Workshop


“Those “coincidences” of knowing when a friend is about to call, feeling the atmosphere when you walk into a room, an immediate sense of liking/not liking someone. These are the everyday things that we take for granted but are actually you working with your intuition, the very first steps to medium ship and it is not far from this to working willingly with Spirit. Within this morning workshop you will be shown how to feel and sense energies, how to bring guides/loved ones forward and to present information to another person. Amazing? Absolutely – and you can do it.

The Workshop will include:
Working with our own energy bodies – seeing and feeling
Bringing forward Guides and Loved Ones for ourselves and others
Presenting a message

Investment 30€

Hearts Connection Workshop


The connection with your heart is the solid foundation of every healer. Love and positive intention make the healing energy flow.

In this workshop you will receive the guidelines and meditation techniques to make this connection. You will also receive the YOD attunement to open up your heart chakra and to connect heart, third eye and soul star.

With Evi & Martine. Terra Mai Reiki Masters

Monday 5th October 3-7pm

Investment 15€.

Reiki 1 Course


Reiki 1 course based on the traditional teachings of Dr Mikao Usui.

What is Reiki healing ?

Reiki (pronounced Ray Key) is a combination of two Japanese words rei and ki meaning universal life energy. Reiki is an ancient laying-on of hands healing technique that uses the life force energy to heal, balancing the subtle energies within our bodies. Reiki addresses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances.

Based on a strict discipline of Reiki self healing and meditation it can be a life changing experience with a set of 5 precepts to guide you.

Although originating in Buddhist traditions Reiki healing is practised as a non denominational therapy and is used in hospitals, churches and hospices to give relief to the suffering to those of any belief, race or culture.

Why learn Reiki?

Reiki can provide you with many health-related benefits for yourself or others, perhaps you would like to reduce the amount of stress in your daily life, or need to balance your emotions. Reiki allows you to release excess built up energy that could result in blockages in the natural rhythm of your body. In healing the mind body and spirit, you are able to cope with many other things in our lives. Reiki will change your life in new and positive ways.

You will also learn:

About the history of Reiki
About chakras
Experience meditation
Experience beautiful attunements to the Reiki energy
Learn and experience the hand positions for self healing
Learn the hand positions for healing others
Experience giving and receiving a Reiki treatment
Learn to heal animals and plants
Learn to cleanse food and energise your food
Working and incorporating the 5 Reiki Precepts into your life.

With Lianne Bamford (Reiki Master)

Price 100€ includes manual
Refreshments and Certificate

October 10th, 17th, 24th & 31st Usui Reiki 1 Course