Healing Day for Nepal Hurricane Relief


Every year we hold an all day ‘Healing Day’ for something special.

After the devastating earthquake on 25th April 2015 which so far has killed about 8000 people & injured more than 14,000.

ALL Monies raised will go to UNICEF

UNICEF and partners are planning to reach approximately 1.7 million children in the hardest hit areas, out of overall 4.2 million people in need of assistance in 21 affected districts.

UNICEF promotes the rights and wellbeing of every child, in everything we do. Together with our partners, we work in 190 countries and territories to translate that commitment into practical action, focusing special effort on reaching the most vulnerable and excluded children, to the benefit of all children, everywhere. (Info taken from their website)

Therapies Available:- Reiki, Angelic Reiki, Reflexology, Back & Shoulder Massage, Indian Head Massage, Sound Therapy & Tarot Card Readings.

Minimum Donation 5€ per treatment

Autumn Equinox Yoga & Journaling Retreat

24th, 25th & 26th September 2015


Retreat into nature and connect with yourself in the beautiful surroundings of El Cortijo Nacimiento in the Sierra Cabrera, close to Mojacar in the province of Almeria, Spain.

On the Autumn Equinox there is equal day and equal night all over our planet. The turning of the seasonal wheel starts to prepare us for darker evenings, a time to plan for the winter cycle and to balance your body, mind, and spirit.

At this time of year a yoga and journaling retreat in Spain is like no other experience. Imagine waking to pure peace, watching the sunrise over the hills, drinking in the warmth of a new day. A day, which will unfold magically unlike any other.

The retreat will combine the practice of yoga asana, meditation and journaling, designed to both awaken and ground you, bringing balance and inner peace.

Yoga and meditation will enable you to connect to your inner spirit and enable your journaling practice to draw out the hidden depths of what your heart wants to say.

Our yoga practice has been designed to be followed by anyone at any level. Lianne tunes in intuitively and works to ensure that everyone works comfortably within their capabilities. If this is your first venture into yoga you will love the way that your body and mind work together to bring harmony and peace to your day. As a seasoned yoga practitioner, you will be encouraged to deepen your connection with yourself.

Even if you don’t think you are a writer, you will be inspired to gently let your words flow. It is vital that you journal and write in the right place, in the right frame of mind, that you let go of your self-consciousness, become one with yourself and write without judgment.

Combining yoga and journaling in the beauty of Sierra Cabrera will certainly release any stress in your body and unblock your creativity, allowing your words to flow.

Our journaling classes are facilitated by Jacqui, a seasoned journaler, writer and author. She will gently coax and encourage everyone to put pen to paper. By the end of the retreat she may have even inspired some of you to write a book.

Come and be inspired, gain balance, inner peace and a deeper connection to you.

Investment 235€ Full Board

12 New Year Resolution’s Challenge: Organise


2015 has arrived! The beginning of this new year is an opportunity to start over and get organised. Whether you’re organising things, thoughts, times or ideas, this month you’re going to set you’re mind, spirit and living space on the right course for the year ahead.

Each week you’ll find an exercise that will help you establish priorities in life- how to make times for the things you love to do, as well as ensuring you don’t put off the things that may seen insurmountable or unappealing, You’ll learn strategies to help bring you closer to your objectives for the year.

You’ll also discover ways to make sure that all aspects of your life are decluttered to rid your life of items that you no longer use, and to shelve thoughts that may hinder your progress. Organising doesn’t just mean putting things in a proper place – it’s also about creating a sense of balance in your life that gives you time for work & play, and for yourself and others. Perhaps most importantly, learning to organise will give you skills to make every day matter

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss


Group hypnosis for successful permanent weight loss.

This therapy is relaxing, enjoyable and you can do it with a group of friends.

Come along every Thursday through June 2014 6pm-7pm for 4 weeks and expect to lose 2lbs a week or more.

I can promise you will leave each session, refreshed, relaxed and in the right frame of mind.

You will address all of your weight issues, you don’t get weighed, prodded or have to speak out, just sit back in comfort and the new you will emerge.

€50 for the course, including a free weight loss hypnosis CD in week 2,

What have you got to lose apart from the obvious.

With Deb McAndrew GQHP

Deb Mcandrew is also available for Private 1 on 1 Hypnotherapy at Sol Yoga Centre.

Email debmcandrew@live.com
Tel: 6225773792

New Dates

New Dates for September

Thursday 18th & 25th September
Thursday 2nd & 9th October

Healing Day for Josie’s Recovery Programme

Healing Day for Josie's Recovery Programme

As many may know, 2 & 1/2 years ago Josie, our niece suffered the most tragic and traumatic experience. Josie’s Mother, Father (my husbands brother), younger Sister (Caisie) & Brother, partner and best friend were in a tragic accident in Jamaica (where they had only just landed on holiday). They had a head on collision with a car which was driving on the wrong side of the road towards them. This caused her mother, father, sister and best friend to be killed almost instantly on impact.

Josie suffered from 2 broken legs, 2 broken arms, a broken eye socket and jaw and severe brain damage to her frontal and temporal lobes. 14 years previously Josie and her Mum where in a car accident where her Mum Kath, went into a coma and came out with brain damage and physically disabled, for this to happen twice in a life time to extreme consequences is unreal. To deal with the emotional and physical consequences, Josie would like, for part of her recovery, to take The Journey Practitioner Program (http://www.thejourney.com/about-us/) which will take her on her own personal journey of healing and at the end she will then be able to become a Journey practitioner & help support others in their own healing.

Last April so many of you came together and helped us raise 725€ towards Caisie’s memorial tree which is planted on ‘The Level’ in Brighton, a favourite place for Caisie and her friends to meet and now somewhere where they can go and connect with her spiritually.

Entonces!!! I’m asking all you kind people to again pull together to book appointments and for volunteer therapists to come forward & volunteer your services.

Appointments will be taken for: Reiki, Massage, Reflexology, Natural Healing, Indian Head Massage and more things to follow.

And Hopefully Josie may be able to join us & help us on the day.

Friday 20th June 10am-4pm

Muchisimo Gracias.